Bayer and World Environment Day

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Bayer’s Global Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is an inextricable part of Bayer culture.

You’ll find it in our global sustainable development policy—a reflection of our deep dedication to creating the products and services that benefit society, while meeting the corporation’s social, economic, and environmental responsibilities.

You’ll see it in global environmental initiatives like Bayer Climate Check, a two-step program where the carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations is first calculated based on a gate-to-gate lifecycle assessment (certified by TUEV SUED). Here, we examine the operations that account for 80% of our total GHG emissions, and determine where the biggest emission reductions can be made. Then we assess the energy efficiency and identify ways to reduce consumption-- ultimately reducing the GHG emissions produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. Through this innovative program, Bayer took the top spot in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index in 2009.

You’ll discover sustainability throughout Bayer in North America, where green thinking transforms into new ideas that both generate business value and meet our sustainability responsibilities. It helps us look at our supply chains with new eyes and identify new sources of business value by eliminating risk, or reducing costs while minimizing the potential for adverse environmental impact.

Within the four walls of our operations we are constantly looking to produce our products and services more sustainably. Yet, sustainability also spans beyond our walls, to the markets that our products and services affect most. So we are looking at how we can shelter and transport more sustainably, diagnose and treat more sustainably, feed the world more sustainably, and support communities more sustainably.

Bayer has a global environmental responsibility programs as well as a global social responsibility programs. Click here to learn about Bayer’s global initiatives.